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In this present era of electronics high technology installation such as computers, digital communication systems, electro medical equipments, CNC machine, Digital colors labs. Pre-press process machine, textile & Embroidery machinery, Micro controller based machines and analytical instruments require availability of regulated, clean and uninterruptible power supply. A single power failure can cost substantial loss money, human resources and information. All are crucial and impossible to fully recover.

GUJARAT TECHNOLOGY Uninterruptible power systems the required protection against such losses. Due to the careful selection of crucial components, in house engineering and production facilities and the rigorous quality checks at every stage, the systems are of high reliability and high performance systems in the market today. They incorporate latest stage of the art technology and indications on the panel.

GUJARAT TECHNOLOGY UPS accept the row commercial AC mains provide clean, regulated and uninterrupted, power to critical load. The charger first converts raw AC power to DC power. This is DC used to maintain the battery in fully charged condition and also to feed the inverter. The inverter in turn converts this DC regulated AC power. When AC mains fail, the battery supplies the DC power to the inverter without any interruption at the output. Thus the inverter constantly supplies uninterrupted isolated AC power to the critical load virtually eliminating the costly operation losses due to brown outs, black outs and transient power disturbances.

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